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The Highland Center offers two hotel options, Hrauneyjar and Hotel Highland. Located just 1,7 km apart. Both offer access to Iceland's highlands



Brennisteinsalda is an extremely colorful mountain rising 855 m in Landmannalaugar.  Brimstone forms the mass of the mountain, while the sides are green with moss, lava and ash add blue and black, and the red comes from the iron in the soil. A path for hikers, Laugavegurinn, passes by the mountain. In front of the mountain lies the obsidian lava field of Laugahraun, left by an explosion during the Sulphur Age.  Every year thousands of hikers walk by the mountain as they traverse the Laugavegur path, though only a few actually climb the mountain as the path ahead is so good. The way up is not complicated but it is best to ascend the ridge northwest of the mountains and from there to follow the scree straight up and then along the ridge to the top. The name of the mountain is obvious when climbing it. It is surrounded by a colorful hot springs area and widely over the mountain spout little hot springs that babble and hiss and emit the odor of sulphur.