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Þjórsárver in the north. The area is well vegetated, with flowers and hollows where berries thrive. The south river that runs through Gljúfurleit and joins the Þjórsá in a simple, little waterfall is Geldingaá. There is very impressive columnar basalt at the Geldingatanga promontory north of the river and north of this the Höskná River joins the Þjórsár. Stockmen rouding up their sheep in the fall make good use of the hut at Gljúfurleit. A thick layer of waterdeposited sediment lies at the bottom of the Þjórsár gorge between the area scoured by the glacier and both under and over the dolerite from the warmer periods during the ice age when the cliffs were formed. The river itself beautifies the area and cascades over the Gljúfurleitarfoss (28 m) at Geldingatanga and Dynki (Búðarhálsfoss; 38 m) below the Kóngsá River. It is best to view the falls from the east bank of the Þjórsá, from Búðarháls, and then to drive into Búðarháls from the bridge over the Tungnaá at Hald.