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The Lakagígar form a magnificent 25 km long crater row running through the Síðumanna (Sídumnna) mountain pasture. The craters stretch from the palagonite mountain of Hnúta to the northeast across Mt. Laki, which rises 818 m above sea level, ending at the Vatnajökull Glacier. Laki is about in the middle of the row of craters and standing on it affords an excellent view over both the crater row itself and the surrounding landscape. The view is very special, both because of the natural landscape and the history of the craters. 
The Lakagígar craters in the West Skaftafell district were declared a natural wonder and a protected area in 1971. They are exceptional geological formations and the flora and fauna are also special. Since the area could so easily be spoiled if visitors are not careful, the objective of designating it a protected area is to preserve its very special geological and biological features so that coming generations can still enjoy its wonders in the same way we can.