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Ljótipollur is an explosion crater in the Landmanna highland pasture area. It is the farthest south of the craters that formed Veiðivötn (Veidivötn) in 1477, just north of Lake Frostastaða (Frostastada) and, like Hnausapollur, south of the Tungná River. Despite its name, which means “ugly”, the crater is stunning and the surrounding area like no other. At its deepest the lake is 14 m deep and the trout fishing so good that some have had trouble climbing back up the slope with their catch at the end of a good day of fishing. Since there is no inlet or outlet to the lake, it is not clear how the fish got there.

A good but very steep road goes from Lake Frostastaða to the edge of the crater. The way is drivable up to the edge of Ljótipollur, but narrow and difficult down to the water. The way down is steep, with loose rocks underfoot and for some it takes a considerable effort to walk back up.