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The Sprengisandur road runs between the Sigalda power plant and Bárðardalur (Bardardalur). This was a much-used road in the old days, for those from the East Fjords to attend the Althing meetings at Thingvellir and often for Bishops from their seat at Skálholt to pay a formal visit to those who lived in the east. The way was abandoned in the 17th century but opened again in the 18th. The oldest route would have run from the Thjórsá valley west of the river to the ford at the neck of land at Sóley and then north to Mýri in Bárðardalur. The road was first traversed by car in 1933. After the Sigalda power plant was built and the River Tungnaá bridged, the road was moved. Today the road will take you to unbridged waterfalls, but a well-equipped vehicle is necessary.